Monday, 17 September 2012

The Wheel in Space

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  1. "The mercury's vapourising!"

    Nice to see that the Tardis still runs on mercury. Unfortunately this appears to result in a runaround for pretty much of the entire first episode, with the Doctor and Jamie just killing time wandering around in a space rocket. It's basically a Doctor/Jamie two-hander in which nothing happens. Fortunately a couple of other characters turn up at the end; but we could really have skipped the first episode with no real loss to the story whatsoever.

    And then on the second episode, Patrick Troughton is on holiday. At least, I assume he's on holiday rather than taken out by illness - there are no signs of his lines being suddenly given to other characters as in, for example, The Tenth Planet.

    In our firsts list, this appears to be the first time the Doctor has used the alias "John Smith" - handily read off a machine when asked for his identification. Cute.

    Most of the characters are smart (and I'm glad to see the wonderful multicultural future continues to exist), though one of them seems unsurprised by metal-space-rats, or cybermats as we know them. Surely it must have been a mishear on my part, though, or did he actually say when discovering what the cybermat had done "I'll murder that little bastard?"

    There is a later explanation of our botanist pal not being fazed by cybermats, though, as he is revealed to have been the discoverer of the solar system's first space flora. Still would've expected a bit more hue and cry, mind. He's obviously not the sharpest tool in the box, though, being completely unsuspicious of his brainwashed colleagues despite their obvious we-will-obey dialogue delivery.

    And speaking of brainwashing, Zoe is obviously different to everyone else on the wheel, explained in dialogue as her having been subjected to "parapsychology brainwashing techniques". Zoe herself makes reference to having been "created for some false kind of existence" when finding problems that logic cannot solve. Zoe, in fact, is not entirely human.

    Finally, after the menace is defeated and Zoe is found hiding in a chest on the Tardis, there's a lovely way of introducing a quick repeat of a previous story as the Doctor basically shows her The Evil of the Daleks on his space television!